Family Owned and Operated.

Mallee Sand and Garden Supplies has been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years, and our history dates back even further than that.

Garden and Landscape Supplies

At Mallee Sand and Garden Supplies we pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of products for all your garden and landscaping needs.

Honest and Reliable Local Service

Just as important as our quality products is the way we do business. As a family owned and operated business, born and raised in Swan Hill, we know the importance of community.

Sands and Soils

The basis for most garden and landscaping projects, both residential and otherwise is sand and soil.


The key to having a rich, beautiful garden is locking in moisture and protecting soil from the harsh sun.

Quarry Products

We’ve got all the quarry products you need for any project.

Decorative Pebbles

Using rocks and pebbles in your garden gives it a unique touch, and also has a very practical use.

Firewood - Split Redgum

When the winter months are approaching, it’s time to start preparing your home for the cold.

Cement Products

Many people who undertake DIY jobs in their garden want a professional job done, but it can be out of their price range to hire people.